LINE PLAY raises over 400 million users

LINE PLAY raises over 400 million users

LINE PLAY is the official avatar service for the over 400 million users of the ever-popular LINE free calling and messaging app. The users will be able to create an alter ego for them in this place in the form of the avatar, as well as, enjoy a wide variety of other constructive activities. This includes decorating their very own room, swap diary entries, and chant with friends in the virtual realm.

LINE PLAY app offers a vast range of features, which is sure to make its users feel content regarding the alter ego they create for themselves in the virtual realm. Users simply need to capture a photo of theirs and then create an avatar that will closely resemble their photo. They are free to choose from the standard male and female avatars, but they also get to chose from a vast range of facial features including eyes, ears, noses, and mouths to ensure their avatar looks just like them. They can also chose from a range of tails for creating their very own animal avatar.

LINE PLAY also allows its users to let their creative side run free by enabling them to decorate their own rooms, as well as, load their avatar with the latest fashion accessories. Users get to choose from a vast collection of more than 1500 items in total, while the developers continue to add new items at a rate of 200 per week. Users can visit their friends and perform a variety of actions including cleaning the friend’s place, water the plants, or simply take a shower to earn gems (virtual money), which they can save up to buy those gorgeous items for their room and avatar.

Users can also use the diary in the room for sharing photos, as well as, their thoughts. They can personalize their diary while also view the messages and comments that other have left there. Users can find interesting items from other LINE characters while they can take part in the group tasks at the Square modeled after famous location to win exclusive items.

Finally, users get to chat with their friends on a 1 to 1 basis in their avatar form by using a vast range of emoticons to convey their feelings, or they can interact with many others through the Lounge chat feature. Users can even use their avatar as the profile picture on LINE and enjoy interactive playing sessions with all their friends on LINE PLAY.

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